Sorry, late update here. Many friends who follow my instagram may know I have a piece in this amazing exhibition. Here are some details about the show :

“For more than a decade Booooooom has championed visual artists from all over the world, presenting a unique mix of high and low brow work from both emerging and established artists. Curated by Jeff Hamada, “Seeing Red” presents all new works from a wide array of artists who’ve been featured on Booooooom over the past ten years, and with the spirit of the site in mind, there are legendary names and relatively unknown ones showing alongside each other. Each artist was given the same challenge, to work within a 12×12 inch (30×30 cm) frame and to incorporate the color red into their work. The simple visual theme serves as a common thread connecting all the works—a pathway for the viewer to travel into and out of each piece—and provides a reference point to help understand the way this diverse group sees the world around them.”

Here is a link to all the available pieces. :)

To view my piece, go to W O R K S, and select 2019 --- untitled.

Thank you to everyone who came to the opening (I wish I made it). More exhibition are scheduled this year. Will make sure to share here and on instagram. Please follow, if you are interested.